Friday, May 28, 2010


Red is Cupid and the Devil.
Passion....Love....Kiss....and of course RED CARPET

Filigree Earrings Victorian Ruby Red Baubles by VintageFiligree

Felted Poppy Necklace by AVAoriginal

Love cherry by CreAya

Anguria....... Luxury Soap by FamaraDesigns

Red Hibiscus Hair clip by annapanik

Home Art Deco Mural Wall Sticker by wiwicoco

Ella by ryeleighrose

Baby shoes with Ladybugs by kathydee

Cherry Drops - handmade jewelry by laplumeblanche

Red Bicycle Tote Bag by theboldbanana

Red Cherry blossoms jewelry box by designhutusa

Wide Wooden Beaded Bracelet by xoots
Plus size Kaftan, Pure silk, made to measure, by Stepankalicious

Beautiful Red Tint Acrylic Necklace by sculleydesign


  1. Gorgeous, red colour rules. Thank you for including my kaftan. Stepankalicious

  2. Well, what beauriful items you have featured and I want to thank you for posting my CozyToes ladybug baby shoes. I absolutely had to shop here!