Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drinking Straw Pennants by Loralee Lewis.

Loralee Lewis an amazing creative woman.

She created a beautiful collection of Drinking Straw Pennants inspired by vintage circus cavalcade.

How do you created this creative item?

I make each of my items with great care, designing and redesigning - printing and reprinting in order to get the most perfect colors and design. I created a custom template for my straw flag pennants and have them printed on 100% weatherproof and waterproof material. It has been really fun to see my designs come to beautiful end products!

What inspired you?

What inspires me most in my life is my children. Whatever they find is most whimsical, I try to incorporate into my parties. i want my guests to enter another world apart from reality when they arrive at one of my client's parties. Even my most complex items are still inspired by childlike simplicity. These in particular remind us of the flags atop the masts of beautiful castles!

Write a little about this item.

About the Item. What I love most about these items is that they are weatherproof. Hence, if you are at a wedding and a groomsman spills all the drinks and these straws are in the middle of puddles, they can be reinserted and will not smudge or bleed!! They are beautiful and robust and very usable and practical. I love them.