Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Special Interview with "Cynamonn"

1. Introduce yourself. ...
My name is Ewelina and I come from Poland. I got a Masters Degree in German Philology and work for one of the largest computer corporation in the world. Being an artist is a passion for me which brings me joy. Most of you can see now, how much is related my background to the jewelry which I design. J I started with my jewelry almost two years ago. I work mostly with linen, porcelain, cinnamon, and everything else that inspires me. Each necklace which I design is unique, but my prides are the macramé necklaces. Those little beauties are absolutely one of a kind. It’s impossible to create the same necklace with this technique which is macramé. The necklaces may only look similar or totally different.

2. When did you start doing creative work?
I started designing jewelry about two years ago. I remember the day when the postman brought me the package with semi-precious stones to my house. This was the time where I was experimenting and trying to find my own style. Because the artist soul is mostly turbulent, I haven’t stopped only on semi-precious stones.

3. Which is the process that you use for create your projects?
The process of creating jewelry every time is different. Sometimes a new design appears in my dreams and when I try to make it, it doesn’t satisfy me. Sometimes I start to compose without thinking and after I’m done everyone loves it. One of those necklaces ‘’Elegant Silver Linen Necklace’’ was created by composing and playing with materials. Later on such necklace was appreciated by many clients of mine. Also, an important issue in my work is the right place. I change very often my place of work. I don’t really know why am I doing it, but I think every corner brings up different feelings and ideas.

4. Did your hobby become your profession?
I was raised in a family where the meaning ‘Design’ was not unfamiliar for me. Art was always surrounding me, but, unfortunately I’ve got my Masters degree in German Philology. It’s been two years now when I have been making jewelry, but still don’t know where the way will take me. I can’t call this my profession yet, but I don’t stop developing. I’m honored and pleased that many people became fans of my jewelry. This gives me hope and much more energy to work more and more on my jewelry. I started a clothing project now. I have a big factory which I want one day to reactivate. Keep checking my Etsy account for updates about my new shop. J So, as you see, I have lots of going on, but don’t know when I will call my art work a profession.

5. What are the elements of life that inspire you the most when creating? From the zodiac I’m a Capricorn, and this sign is associated with ‘’Earth’’. I love nature, and this will be always my priority in my designs. But, I’m very open person who likes to try out new things like acrylic beads. Earth and earth colors are my best inspirations in my daily life.

6. Tell us a bit about your day job.
Every morning I wake up and check first my emails. I answer as quick as possible all the convos and questions which I become from customers or sellers. My job as an artist is more flexible, so sometimes the meaning ‘time’ is unfamiliar for me. Otherwise I work on new projects only when I’m in the right mood. It doesn’t matter how long I spend making my jewelry, I enjoy it very much and do it even at the evening. Also, having a second job just like most other Etsy designers doesn’t make me stop to continue my passion which is art.

7. Do you have any tips or advise to share with others handmade sellers?
During the two years I have tried out couple of projects, which didn’t work out. Now, I know when you don’t put heart in your work it will never work out. When I make a necklace and something is bothering me in it, I do it again. My designs have to be well done and make my customers smile. I can’t give a specific advice others, because every day I learn by myself new things about this kind of business. I only know that the promotion through internet is the most important thing to do it in this century.


  1. Very interesting interview! Thank you for sharing :)

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    Gorgeous jewelry ;D

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  7. Great interview!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Rita (a German philologist as well :)