Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's not a Gift without a Beautiful Box!!!!!!

Owl Post Gift Box by celestefrittata
Paper Cake and Centerpiece Colorful Fun Favor Boxes by Rachelaakmama
Cupcake Party Favor Boxes by paperacorn

Silver and Gold Obsession........Set of 2 Pillow Boxes by Laura'sBox
Island Favor Boxes by soinviting
FAVOR BOXES by DabbysCreations
Brown and Blue Petal Boxes-Little Boy Baby by asalwaysangela
Gift boxes template by ALittleHut
White Favor Boxes with Purple and Yellow Flower Embellishments by SimpleTastes
Printable Posh Dots Polka Dot Square Favor Box by ThePoshEvent
Chocolate Floral Gable Box, Cupcake Liners by SimpleJesstures
Green Tea/Photo/Gift Box by heirloomsbylorraine

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scrub your Body!!!!!!

Provocouture Sugar Coated Foaming Frappe by bodycake

Better Than Chocolate Body Scrub by LoveAndSpunk
Coconut Lime Verbena Sugar Scrub Cubes by BungalowBathBody
Lime-Mint Sugar Cubes Scrub by FamaraDesigns
Sweet Citrus and Lavender Body Polish by ThePigAndThePeacock

Green Tea Sugar Scrub Soap Cubes by BLCBodyShop

Sour Watermelon Sugar Cube Scrubs by TwinDreamCreations

Wasabi Sugar Cube Body Scrub by FlourishBathBody

Twilight Detox Body Scrub by mojospa
Pandora's Snowball Sugar Scrub by HerbnDevelopment
Vanilla Lavender Whipped Sugar Scrub by layla
French Vanilla Body Scrub Handmade with Apricot Shells by battysbath

Friday, July 2, 2010


Standing Floor Lamp by FurnitureAndLight
Gorgeous Vintage Suitcase Table - Side or Coffee Table on Wheels by lovenostalgicwhimsy

Black Walnut Shrine Table by dreamer9
Vintage Steelcase Office Chair Screenprinted Linen by EnRouteStudio

Small Circles Coffee Table by michaelarras

Red Blue Chair by Gerritt Rietveld, 1918, reproduction by stephenthurston

Modern Hollywood Regency Vintage Faux Bamboo Dining Table by fabulousmess

ETNA - Coffee Table by mstrf

SofaTray, SofaHanger, made to measure by vanpey

Eighteen droopy faux craspedia stems by berryisland

Vintage Photo Frames - Vinyl Wall Sticker by SimpleShapes

Decorative Designer Pillow Cover-20 inch-Ultra Mod Greek Key-Kelly Green by nenavon

Happy happy by farouche